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  • DEUS Echo Guided Life Support 2019

    DEUS partners with EGLS to exclusively provide this internationally renowned point-of-care acute ultrasound course in the Benelux. This course is designed so that participants can spend as much time as possible practicing the techniques demonstrated in the theoretical sections. The 1:4 instructor-to-participant ratio encourages interaction between participants and instructors, thus facilitating learning.

    place Houten
    add 6 punten
    euro_symbol € 750.00
    event 03-06-2019
    access_time 08:15 - 18:00


    Datum & locatie

    Datum Tijd Locatie
    03-06-2019 08:15 - 18:00 Houten



    The course aims to introduce participants to the ultrasound approach of the hemodynamically unstable patient. This course is aimed at two audiences: medical providers who are knowledgeable about ultrasound and want to consolidate their knowledge, and novices who would like to be introduced to it.



    08:00-08:15: Welcome

    08:15-08:20: Introduction (theory)

    08:20-09:00: Lung ultrasound (theory)

    09:00-10:15: Lung (practical)

    10:15-11:00: Subcostal/IVC & the State of the circulation (theory)

    11:00-12:00: Subcostal and inferior vena cava view (practical)

    12:00-12:45: Lunch is provided. Coffee and snacks will also be served.

    12:45-13:30: Complementary cardiac views (theory)

    13:30-15:00: Complementary cardiac views (practical)

    15:00-16:00: Algorithmic approach to shock (EGLS)

    16:00-17:45: EGLS (practical)

    17:45-18:00: Conclusion (theory)




    • Categorize undifferentiated shock via an algorithmic approach;
    • Identify pneumothorax and interstitial syndrome with lung ultrasound;
    • Identify the signs of obstructive shock (tamponade, pulmonary embolism);
    • Qualitatively assess left ventricular function;
    • Assess the inferior vena cava;
    • Assess volemia and fluid responsiveness potential.


    business Opleidingsinstituut Spoedeisende Geneeskunde
    mail_outline info@jouwzorgopleider.nl
    place Ringveste 7 A 3992 DD HOUTEN